Making a Credit Card: What to Look For?

To prevent this from happening and so that you really get the best credit card from many choices, the important components below you need to ask in detail to the bank. Do not arrive without asking, you become misguided on the road when using a credit card.

Here’s how to choose the best credit card for you:

1. Annual Fee

Agents often attract the attention of prospective creditors with the lure of free annual fees or annual fees. This method is quite great because many people think publishers are very generous by not giving more credit card owners. Without them knowing it, the free annual fee also has a period of time. On average, banks provide one year free annual fee for everyone who applies for a credit card. After that time has passed, then the credit card owner will be charged with an annual fee whose value varies by bank.

All you have to ask the credit card issuer about this annual fee is about how long the free annual promotion is given. Even though the average bank implements a free payment period for a year, there are also banks that provide longer free time.

2. Minimum Payment of Bills and their Consequences

One of the conveniences provided by a credit card is that you don’t have to pay in full for bills that come every month. If you have experienced a financial condition that is not too good, you can make a minimum payment before the deadline for payment. This has been able to secure you for the next month because the monthly bills are considered to be correct.

Regarding the minimum payment problem, you must openly ask the bank. Even though almost every bank has a minimum payment limit, you have to make sure to re-order it so that it doesn’t have a problem the three bills appear and you want to pay only a minimum fee. In general, the minimum credit card payment is 10 percent of the invoice value listed. Even though you can pay a minimum, it’s a good habit to not do it every time a bill arrives. Leaving bills to be accumulated next month will make the bill more interest.

3. Late Fees

If your bill has reached the bad credit category, you no longer need to pay late fees. Because in these rules it is said, the bad credit burden is not on credit card owners anymore. Only, your credit card will be permanently disabled. If the credit card issuer applies a late fee with a higher percentage than the provision, you can report to the competent authority. From there, you can also decide not to apply for a credit card at the bank.

4. Cash Withdrawal Fee

At present, credit cards are also often used as a provider of cash for their owners. This advantage is already in many credit cards. You can withdraw cash through an ATM from a credit card.

This advantage is also often echoed by credit card agents to attract the interest of many people. However, you should not be complacent with this convenience because there is a cost behind the cash withdrawal. This is what you have to ask the bank that issued the credit card, which is about the amount of fees that may arise when you withdraw cash at an ATM.

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