Have a Credit Card More Than One? This is 4 Benefits!

Running out of cash while traveling abroad, at the same time you want to buy an item that you have been searching for for a long time. Plus the store only accepts payments from X credit cards, or by using the credit card you get a bigger discount. Unfortunately X credit cards are not popular in Indonesia. This is often the reason someone has more than one credit card.

From this description can be known the benefits of having more than one credit card. But keep in mind that the more credit cards means the more bills that must be borne. You should be aware of this if you have the desire to have more than one credit card. Having more than one credit card is fine as long as you know how to use it properly.

The following benefits from having one more credit card:

1. Different Cards, Different Usage

You can set expenses if you have more than one credit card by separating their usage. Like for example, there is a card specifically for shopping for daily necessities, electronics, gadgets and so on. I take the example you have an A credit card specifically for shopping at supermarkets because of the large discounts, special credit cards to buy airline tickets, and so on. So you can monitor and monitor expenses on each credit card, and become more alert when there are unwanted events.

2. Take advantage of Reward Points

Credit cards always offer prizes within a certain period. If you have 1 credit card, that means there is 1 prize, then having lots of credit cards means having more opportunities to get rewards from these credit card transactions. Credit cards that offer many benefits for shopping at supermarkets or those that offer reward points for purchasing gadgets and other electronic products can be used to get as many reward points as possible.

3. Use it as a backup card, when the main card is lost

Everyone certainly does not want to experience sudden events that are not wearing, such as: when having to pay for an item, it turns out a problematic credit card, such as falling, stolen or even left at home. If you experience this, then you must report the lost credit card, then block and secure the credit card. But taking care of a lost credit card and getting a replacement is not enough for two days.

4. Increase Credit Score

Credit card active users will have a good credit history and be considered by the bank. This credit point is very profitable, but will only be realized if:

Bill payments for all credit cards run smoothly
Do not have other debts, both in banks and other non-bank financial institutions that have problems

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