9 Things You Must Avoid If You Have More Than 2 Credit Cards

Have more than 2 credit cards
Having more than 2 credit cards can be a disaster when you don’t balance them with the awareness of shopping wisely. Indeed, credit cards have many benefits such as can be used when funds are not fulfilled. However, if you have a credit card, the level of caution must also be enlarged compared to if you only have 1 or 2 credit cards.

9 Things You Must Avoid If You Have More Than 2 Credit Cards
At least, there are 9 things you should not do when you have 2 or more credit cards. In addition to causing waste, someone can also lose the trust of the bank if they experience problems. Here are 9 things that you should avoid if you have more than 2 credit cards.

1. Using a Credit Card Outside the Limit of Payability
If the credit card is more than 2, it will be very important to divide the credit card limit and use it into more detailed lines. The use of a credit card beyond the ability to pay will be very risky. In addition to not having other deposits, you can also lose a lot of things as a substitute for payment.

2. Using a Credit Card When You Have a Debit Card
A debit card will be better for you, so you don’t need to have 2 credit cards or more if there is enough debit. Why is that? Because with a credit card you will have a feeling of anxiety due to being chased bills. This will be different from if you use a debit card which is actually your own savings.

3. Make use of Credit Cards that are not needed
It’s time for you to use a credit card that you will need. Don’t do too many transactions using a credit card. If the credit card bill has been issued, don’t let you have confusion to pay the month.

4. Performing Waste due to not reaching the limit
We recommend that the limit be adjusted to your needs. It is also not good to make too large a distance between limits and expenses. Therefore, it will be very good if the limit is limited and the use of credit cards is as needed. So, when you have more than 2 credit cards you will not be much chased by debt collectors.

5. Forgot Payment Date
Use an alarm both on the agenda and gadget when you often forget the credit card payment limit. If you can’t remember it even though a lot of help from gadgets, it seems that this time is not the right time to have more than 2 credit cards. Therefore, first reset the awareness and reduce the risk so that you can start to have more than 2 credit cards after that.

6. Failure to Check Credit Card Activities
Credit cards with all their activities whether for bill payments or purchases must be clearly checked. If you often fail to check credit card activity, first have a credit card before choosing 2 or more payment media on this one.

7. Missed Calculations
Errors that are often made by credit card holders with a number of more than 2 are miscalculated calculations. If you miscalculate your credit card expenses, the consequences are huge. There will be more additional bills than monthly income. If this happens, immediately stop using your double credit card.

8. Credit Cards Used by Non-Responsible Parties
Many irresponsible parties can use credit cards without control. Therefore, if your environment is “vulnerable” in the case of credit card lending and borrowing, it’s good to have one credit card. So, when someone wants to borrow, you can reveal the reason. That this is the only credit card and is used almost every day and is not possible to borrow.

9. Obsessed with Online Shopping
Online shopping is indeed a very fun activity. Especially if someone has a lot of needs but the time to shop is very limited. However, if you can’t eliminate the hobby of buying items online without budget restrictions, don’t use more than 1 credit card.

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